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Roosevelt Paper Company Boosts Manufacturing Efficiency And Optimizes Supply Chain Techonlogy


Roosevelt Paper Company, a business specializing in the conversion and distribution of printing papers, needed to eliminate the manual, paper-based system that guided every step in the production process—from receiving and manufacturing through quality checks and shipping.

Roosevelt Paper’s forms-based production system did not provide the ability to effectively manage order changes, visualize status, and it required an excessive amount of effort to reprint, redistribute and replace obsolete customer orders and specifications.

To address these challenges, the company sought a solution that would eliminate paper forms and manual processes and provide greater visibility into the progress of an order as it moved throughout the plant. In doing so, Roosevelt hoped to achieve improved order processing efficiency, increased order accuracy and stronger quality assurance processes throughout the organization.

“Our goal was to become a paperless company as far as order processing was concerned,” recalls John Gordon, Jr., IT manager at Roosevelt Paper Company. “To reach this objective, we focused on finding a system that would help us optimize our manufacturing and warehouse operations in a paperless manner.”


When considering the capabilities needed to automate its workflows and reduce its reliance on cumbersome paper-based processes, Roosevelt Paper knew it required a partner with extensive supply chain optimization experience. And so, the company turned to Acsis for help. Experts from Acsis and Roosevelt Paper analyzed the company’s current processes and collaborated to define a multi-phase project aimed at automating and integrating Roosevelt’s internal supply chain processes.

To accurately identify the characteristics of received paper, Roosevelt worked with the supplying mills to create an automated method of receiving paper through the use of EDI and barcode labeling. The mills supplied an “Advanced Shipment Notice” for each roll shipped to Roosevelt and also uniquely identified each roll with a barcode label. This enabled Roosevelt’s receiving personnel to easily match the shipment to the received paper by scanning the barcode.

The next phase focused on optimizing shop-floor processes via the creation of role-specific task lists for workers to follow at each step in the manufacturing process.

“The solution Acsis implemented helped us adopt a task list-driven system that gives each person in the plant a customized view of what duties they need to complete in a given day,” Gordon says. “In addition, we gained the checks and balances needed to ensure that orders are made to customer specifications, properly inspected and shipped to the right people at the right time.”

To help Roosevelt Paper more effectively track the raw materials used to create finished products, the project’s third step centered on creating an accurate “genealogy” of each order. By enabling Roosevelt Paper to understand what stock composed a specific roll or skid, this phase helped the company quickly assess and mitigate the impact of a quality problem.

During the final stage of the project, Acsis extended the solution to Roosevelt Paper’s shipping department—helping them improve the timeliness and accuracy of shipments and further extend integration and automation across the supply chain. Gordon explains, “The Acsis system ensures the right product is loaded on the correct trailer to meet customer specifications. Shipping errors were essentially eliminated.”


Today, Roosevelt Paper has an operational management system in place that optimizes the planning and execution of workflows across the organization—and provides the visibility needed to monitor processes and ensure orders are fulfilled and shipped following customer specifications.

Roosevelt Paper has managed costs and gained greater efficiencies with a truly integrated, end-to-end solution. The solution optimizes each aspect of its production operation— from receiving through shipment.

Gordon characterizes the benefits of the systems as: “Today, everyone at Roosevelt Paper is on the same page and working together to get products out the door, on time and as efficiently as possible.”


Working with Acsis to implement a paperless, integrated, real-time solution to manage its order processing procedures enabled Roosevelt Paper Company to:

  • Increase plant throughput—enabling employee productivity gains
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced stock and incorrect shipments
  • Improve staff productivity by eliminating the need for personnel to wait for the next task to be assigned by a supervisor
  • Reduce quality-control issues and wasted stock
  • Meet more deadlines and deliver a consistently high-quality product

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