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International Game Technology Wins Big


International Game Technology ( is a global company specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of computerized gaming equipment, network systems, licensing and services. They are a preeminent supplier of gaming products to the world, maintaining a wide array of entertainment-inspired gaming product lines and targeting gaming markets in all legal jurisdictions worldwide. IGT is committed to providing quality gaming products at competitive prices, designed to increase the potential for operator profits by serving players better.

IGT manufactures electronic casino gaming machines, including slot machines and other casino floor games. IGT combines the elements of math, play mechanics, sound, art and technological advancements with a library of entertainment licenses and patented IP to provide gaming products with a high degree of player appeal. They continue to expand their game libraries, emphasizing development of game content to address changing consumer preferences and other market trends. Their objective is to develop games that incorporate exciting winning combinations and appealing graphics and sound.


The gaming industry is intensely competitive and IGT strives to maintain its dominant leadership position. As the gaming industry is characterized by dynamic customer demand and rapid techno- logical advances, IGT must continually introduce and successfully market new game themes and technologies in order to remain competitive and effectively stimulate customer demand. IGT cus- tomers will accept a new product only if it is likely to increase their profits more than competitor’s products. Delay in introducing or producing new products on schedule could negatively impact operating results by providing an opportunity for IGT competitors to introduce new products and gain market share.

To meet these business challenges, IGT needs to ensure that its manufacturing production process is efficient, agile, and competitive. To reach its goals for efficiency, agility, and competiveness, IGT needed to convert its manual and paper-based manufacturing operation into a highly automated and digitized manufacturing process with the following benefits:

  • Reduce manual labor and operating costs • Increase quality
  • Optimize work cell efficiency
  • Improve training and labor efficiency
  • Provide visibility of orders and work-in-process throughout the production process
  • Enable immediate response to order changes
  • Improve planning and forecasting


The goal of the “Blue Diamond” Factory Automation Project was to deliver a flexible manufacturing production environment by leveraging and expanding upon the existing SAP ERP investment and extending SAP business processes to the manufacturing assembly operation.

IGT selected the Acsis ProducTrakMES solution that utilizes an interactive layer of automation between the existing shop floor transport control system (FCS) and their SAP ERP environment. The system provides increased control, visibility, work-in-process (WIP) traceability, performance monitoring, and multiple levels of reporting.

The Acsis ProducTrakMES system completely automates previously manual shop floor processes providing the following advantages:

  • Interactive operator interfaces for plant-level delivery and capture of production documents and data such as MPI’s, Travelers, etc.
  • Management of non-conforming WIP inventory processing and replenishment
  • Execution of shop floor-level transactions in the background
  • Quality data collection for both product and process parameters
  • Providing real-time transaction processing and analytics
  • Capturing and analyzing build time at each operation
  • Recording and tracking of operator performance on TAKT times and quality
  • Monitoring and analyzing key process indicators (KPI’s) such as first pass yield
  • Reducing operating costs and improving utilization
  • Better visibility to monitor and track machine/line yield
  • Improving accuracy of production by reducing process variability
  • Increasing employee productivity and performance by providing a tighter link to actual operations and quality measurements


The Blue Diamond project improved the following business processes:

  • Finished goods confirmation
  • Material consumption
  • WIP tracking
  • Employee utilization and efficacy
  • Planning
  • Routings

The business benefits realized by IGT are:

  • Reduced headcount and/or redistribution of labor
  • Real-time production status and visibility
  • Operator performance
  • WIP machine location
  • Parts/component usage/quality
  • Elimination of paper—50+ pages per game machine
  • Significant cost savings and key sustainability accomplishment
  • Greater management control through performance data collection
  • Quality trend analysis
  • Defect analysis and tracking
  • Operator performance monitoring
  • Performance data to drive individually tailored training
  • Reduced training and errors through use of online digitized assembly drawings
  • Automated compliance to state regulations


In fact, the solution was so successful, that IGT was honored in 2009 by Managing Automation (MA) Magazine with a Progressive Manufacturer award. The MA Progressive Manufacturing Awards Program, now in its sixth year, recognizes best-in-class manufacturers from the US and abroad.
In 2009, Managing Automation recognized outstanding manufacturers based on the scope of mastery, business integration, and use of technology demonstrated by each nominee. IGT was recognized for its use of technology in managing ten production lines and thousands of varieties of slot machines efficiently and effectively.

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