Acsis Releases the Latest ProducTrak(TM) and VisiTrak Solutions

July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012 – Acsis, Inc. today announced new releases of the Acsis ProducTrak Mobile 7.1 and Acsis VisiTrak® 7.1 platform solutions, that provide organizations with automated data collection and task management processes, adding required functionality to major ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, J. D. Edwards and IBM. Acsis ProducTrak software solutions bring real-time connectivity to every point in the supply chain, from incoming materials, through manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and distribution.

The latest release of Acsis ProducTrak Mobile still provides the automated data collection and shop floor transactions that streamline processes and real-time updates to existing ERP and IT systems. The latest release also provides standard, configurable best-in-class transactions designed to support warehouse management and inventory management environments. The new customer interface speeds throughput and accuracy rates and requires minimal training to operate on multiple handheld devices, which can be pre-configured to provide turnkey solutions for ease of implementation. This unique system tells the what, when and where a product was sent, omitting the guesswork and reporting inaccuracies in the process. This is truly granular data and is the key to quality assurance and damage control, brand image and corporate performance.

Acsis ProducTrak applications run on an independent full-time server, Acsis VisiTrak®, that can be configured to post to ERP either in real-time or on task completion. The solution can also provide continuity for mission critical applications in the event of an ERP or wide area network outage. The latest version of Acsis VisiTrak 7.1 includes device and user management, label and document management, store and forward capability for business continuity, and a robust workflow engine for defining interactions between devices, users, ERP and shop floor systems. The new release also introduces a fully configurable communications module for sharing serialized data between VisiTrak, ERP systems and enterprise serialization repositories.

“For more than 16 years, Acsis, Inc. has been delivering end-to-end supply chain visibility and providing organizations with the solutions they need to increase their accuracy and efficiency,” said Neil Thall, the company’s CEO and President. “Our latest releases indicate our commitment to advancing our enterprise track and traceability solutions that can be used to support manufacturers and brand owners across multiple industries including pharmaceutical, life sciences, chemical, and food and beverage among others.

“Acsis ProducTrak solutions help companies comply with government’s requirements, but also provide the granular data needed to track and report on all supply chain activities for a complete end-to-end visibility solution,” Thall continued.