Maximize serialization while achieving regulatory and governmental compliance.

After all, we understand true serialization is not just a serial number, but a way to extend and strengthen your ERP.

  • Examples of “flexible content data”
  • Date of manufacture
  • Date of order
  • Unit price sold for—critical for ensuring accurate returns and chargebacks
  • Manufacturing temperature
  • Temperature needed for storage
  • Customer (next stop in the supply chain)
  • Order number
  • Ship to location
  • Quality Control data—unit weight, catch weight, unit count/quantity and cap torque
  • Packaging line ID

Acsis Serialization Management applies and captures serialization data at the unit, bundle, carton and pallet level, providing you with the data needed to achieve compliance with government and industry regulations, including the Drug Supply Chan Security Act, which was recently passed by the U.S. Congress. Our serialization functionality, combined with our strong understanding of industry standards, ensures you can achieve global compliance today and also meet any future mandates tomorrow.

In addition to standard serialization data, Acsis’ Serialization Management solution can also identify and capture user-defined product attributes or flexible content data, like unit price, manufacturing temperature and more. In fact, the only limitation is your operational scope, because configuring the solution to define, change or delete which product attributes to capture is fast and easy.

When combined with serialization data, this flexible content data transforms to Enterprise Serialization Data, which can generate tremendous business value and improved decision making for the entire enterprise.

By generating enterprise serialization data, Acsis provides the ERP with one complete, holistic, high-quality data set the various ERP modules—MES, Distribution, Quality Management, Order Management, Business Intelligence and Accounting—can access, track and leverage in their own functional areas. With Acsis enterprise serialization data, you eliminate the need for each ERP module to re-create or recapture their own version of this data.

Acsis Serialization Management has two modules:

Site Management, which controls and manages all the packaging lines in a single facility.

Line Management, which provides granular control of a single packaging line for the efficient application of serialized codes.

The Acsis Site Management solution provides robust functionality and flexible serialization architecture, regardless of the ERP, serialization repository, vision technologies and packaging automation deployed across your operation. In fact, one of Acsis’ key competitive differentiators is our standardized, highly scalable integration to these technologies. Plus, it gives you the ability to:

  • Provide a well-designed gateway between the EPCIS and the packaging lines’ automation and vision technologies, ensuring a tight, seamless data exchange
  • Manage and deploy all product recipes from a centralized site level, instead of an inefficient line-by-line approach
  • Receive production orders directly from your ERP’s MES, automating the start lot process
  • Drive and streamline manual pallet building, QA sampling as well as in-lot and post-lot rework operations via any mobile device

The Acsis Line Management solution provides oversight and management of a specific, individual packaging line. When there are multiple packaging lines within one facility, the Acsis Line Management integrates with the Site Management solution in order to provide bi-directional transfer of information between the site and the line level.

Acsis Line Management has the ability to:

  • Manage multiple serialization formats across all packaging levels
  • Integrate with existing line control systems or be used as a serialization add-on for lines with existing hardware
  • Provide serial number aggregation across all packaging levels
  • Capture production information for transfer back to the site server
  • Control all vision and printing jobs required for support of serialization
  • Provide serial number reconciliation reporting

The Acsis Serialization Management solution provides comprehensive pre-built integration to ERP systems, serial repositories, packaging automation, vision technologies, and other third-party systems. Highly scalable, Acsis’ integration gives you the flexibility to upload data in real time or user-defined batches.

The company’s 30 years of experience developing, integrating, deploying and supporting enterprise-grade software for many Fortune 500 clients with large transaction volumes translates to an integration framework that can easily manage and upload the large volumes of serialization and distribution data generated each day. In other words, for Acsis, system latency is never an issue.